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chain protect

"Homeowners" if you own a chainsaw, then you need Chain Protect for a better chainsaw experience!


Chain Protect was just awarded a full utility patent as of 12-20-16. Chain Protect is a safe and inexpensive way to maintain your chainsaw. Chain Protect was designed to make the bucking of firewood, chain sharpening, bar adjustments and starting of your chainsaw an easier chainsaw experience. Chain Protect is a must have multi-purpose chainsaw accessory tool that every chainsaw user should own. Chain Protect prevents the chain from striking the ground and dulling the chain which increases time and effort needed to make cuts. Chain Protect assists in starting the chainsaw by acting as a stand to give stability and keeps the chain above the ground while starting and running. Chain Protect makes it easier to adjust and sharpen the chain by acting as a stand that keeps the chainsaw level and steady. Chain Protect is made of durable glass filled nylon which is available in 4 colors and is manufactured in the USA.

Never attach or adjust the CHAIN PROTECT accessory while the chainsaw is running!

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Available in 4 different colors

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With CHAIN PROTECT attached,
your chainsaw is stabilized, leveled and
stays in place.

Starting the chainsaw is easier every time.


A common error chainsaw users make is to let the moving chain strike the ground while cutting.
This dulls the chain, which:
- Increases the time and effort needed to make cuts.
- requires more frequent sharpening
- shortens of the life of the chain.

Keep your chain sharper longer!
Save money, increase the lifetime of your chain.


For Chainsaw Maintenance, Chain Sharpen or Adjusting the chain, CHAIN PROTECT acts as a Leveling Stand or Stump Vice
- Steadies the bar
- Keeps chain securely off the ground
- Keeps the chainsaw level

No more wrestling with the saw and chain!


If the chain should become disengaged from the
bar of the chainsaw, it will wrap around the CHAIN PROTECT and defuse the loose chain rather than potentially striking the user and causing injury.

Increase Your Safety. Thousands of people each year require emergency treatment from chainsaw injuries! Don’t be one of them!

Chain Protect
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